Sunday Mornings

There’s a chance that you might be feeling a little lonely.


Like you don’t have a ton of deep relationships.


If you are, that’s okay.


But let’s work on that.


One way to help strengthen relationships is to set aside REAL time to talk with your friends. And to talk about real shit.


Not about Love Island, or Elon Musk, or whatever the current pop culture world event is.


REAL shit.


But it can be weird and awkward to do this sometimes.


But you’d be down if somebody else proposed it.


That’s where we come in.


We are proposing it, not you.


This is an invitation.


All you have to do is accept and invite a friend.

We are inviting you to spend one morning a week (Sunday Mornings) strengthening the relationships in your life through a shared activity.


Here are the rules.


Text a homie during the week, and ask them to go on a Sunday morning walk.


Or, if that feels hella sus, you can send them this link (link to the Sunday Mornings home page) and say “yo, wanna try this on Sunday?”


We send out a list of questions every Sunday morning at 4 AM via SMS and email (to make sure you’ve got them when you wake).


You meet up with your friend.

You walk for 30 minutes to an hour.


No phones.


Just chatting.


In lockstep, side by side.


There’s a sort of magic synchronicity when you and a friend are in stride walking the same direction, same goal.


You lead your friend through the prompts (we usually have 3 prompts, here are examples of past ones)


Feel free to veer away from the questions we provided if that’s where the convo wants to go.


You get to know your friend on a deeper level.


And you start to feel a little less lonely.

You feel closer to another human.

And we think that’s dope af.






At Sunday Mornings, we believe that











You have shallow ass relationships. Let’s fix that.


Are your relationships shallow af?


Do you find a lack of depth when talking with your friends?


Sick and tired of having no meaningful connections in your life?


Woahhh there fella, those are some heavy topics. But have no fear. We’ve got something that could help.


Let’s be real. We all struggle with relationships.


We live in a world that has become so digitlalied that.




Our mission is simple. Like stupid simple.


We exist to help you build deeper relationships.


How do we do that?


We give you questions to ask, activities to do, tell you when to do it, and give you access to a community of other people who are doing it as well. And we try to make it cool, and cut out all the self-help fluff. Make it easy, accessible, and cool to build deeper relationships.


Asking deep questions can be, well, awkward.


We aren’t used to it.


It’s easier to ask about the ball game or the weather. But doing easy things doesn’t create winners.


You know what does? Doing hard things.


If you’ve ever had a best friend, then you know what it’s like to have somebody who gets you. A deep ass friendship. They are so beneficial.


But we aren’t kids anymore. We’ve lost our sense of camaraderie. There’s no sports teams anymore, no sleepovers, no field trips. Our work friends rarely ever feel like best friends.


But all hope isn’t lost.


We’ve just got to start making some effort to develop these relationships again.


And it starts by creating some room for real ass conversations. The type of shit you used to talk about at 3 AM at a sleep over.


And that’s what we are here to do. Give you the tools to make room for these convos, so that you can build deeper relationships and have a more fulfilling life.


Deep relationships were ranked #1 in important when people asked what makes them feel happy. (We site are work here).





  1. You drop us your email.
  2. You will get a welcome email.
  3. Every week your task is to setup a walking buddy for Sunday morning (preferably at 9 AM, because that’s when we will all be doing it).
  4. Every Sunday morning (super early) we send out an email to you.
  5. This email contains a little amp up speech to get you excited to build deeper connections, 3 questions that you will be chatting about with your partner.
  6. Grab a coffee, turn off your phone, and enjoy the power of walking with a friend talking about deep things.