The Story

Started running a bit ago, give a nice emotinoal story

The Product

Two-tone hats are in. These are dope. Only 100 made in each colorway.

The Charity

I got connected with New York Urban League

Video (Please Watch)

Social Proof

I'm staking my name and reputatino on this. Look me up. Matt Hickman, I'm a realy person lol. I have another comapny callled MVHA that sells hats to filmmakers with hundreds of happy cusotmers. I've been selling hats online for a while and will be able to deliver these hats easily.

Sweeten the Deal



- how do we really know you will donate it (i will provide screenshot)

- when will I get my hat?

- where are the hats made?

- are you donating all the revenue, or profits, or how does that work? (i will collect money through my LLC and then distribute it as a charitable contribution from my company name)

- what if you raise more than your fundraising goal (all profits, regardless of how much it is, will go to NYUL -- hopefully we smash through the fundraising goal and can donate way more than the $3k minumum)