I'm sure that this sparse website with minimal content won't impress you.

I get it.

It wouldn't impress me either.

I've seen countless "new brands" that promise to be the next big thing.

"Big things coming soon..."

Spoiler alert.

They never came. And they weren't big.

So instead of hitting you with some random vague sayings, I want to outline my vision with concrete words that mean something.


I've always wanted to create a brand that supports & inspires creatives.

I've been a creative and know the struggles.

How come athletes get so many cool brands that inspire them and make products for them, but us creatives don't?

I want to build something in that space.

And I want it to be fun.

A brand that helps you unlock your most creative self.

I believe that all people are creative, in some way, shape, or form.

The ability to express ourselves creatively is what makes life worth living.

It's like the only thing that makes us different than a bunch of robots who are carbon copies of each other.